Turf Growth Through Science

Turfpal is an independent turf care software platform for football, golf, rugby, or any sports arena with natural turf

Turfpal gives you  full overview and control of all your turf related activities

Easy access to all data improves your understanding and operation of your turf.

A new tool for helping you achieve your goals and grounds for success.

The online Turfpal Monitoring, Control and Management Portal gives you full control of all your sport turfs.


Turfpal collects data from several different sources such as sensors, weather stations, machinery, and equipment. Sensor and monitoring systems from SoilScout www.soilscout.com and Spectrum www.specmeters.com are fully integrated within Turfpal.


Turfpal provides online control and operation of turf lighting rigs and any Turfpal compatible equipment. TLS lighting rigs are fully integrated within Turfpal. You get full control from any online PC, phone or tablet.



Turfpal gives you full overview of all your pitches, your employees, equipment, inventory and warehouses

Activity and planning module

The activity and planning module makes planning and tracking of any all activities on all your pitches easy.

Data on executed activities is found under “Report Viewer”

Equipment module

The equipment module provides full overview of all your equipment inclusive of service history with alerts for schedules service and maintenance.

Rig deployment module

The deployment module allows you to place and record where you position your lighting rigs on the pitch. A monthly shade analysis will give you indications on the need for artificial lighting for a sound and healthy grass growth. Combined, these two features would allow you to save on energy and artificial lighting time.  

The placement locations are based off the DLI (daily light integral) recommendations for the time of year and from your shade analysis report which Turfpal offers as a service.

By simply clicking on the light rig menu, you will be able to launch it onto the pitch. You can then move it around to the correct placement and hit the play button to turn it on remotely. The location is then recorded. When the required DLI input is reached, the colour on the image will turn more to green until the required input for that period is reached.

Given that energy savings is a priority, utilising this feature will enable you to record placement of the rigs and optimise usage for the areas of the pitch where it is really needed and when it is required.

Performance Assessment module

The Turf Performance Assessment module helps you document your pitch quality and safety and gives you recommendations on how to optimise the playing surface. The module includes online testing procedures and you can easily tailor the testing procedures to your needs. The interactive procedures include entering of data through your cell or tablet. Turfpal generates the wanted reports and provides you with quality ratings. Turfpal provides you with Assessment testing kits or Turfpal offers to execute necessary testing. Our Assessment kits and test procedures implements FIFA pitch testing requirements ahead and during tournaments.

Turfpal tracks all activities, machinery and personnel utilisation, chemical and fertiliser usage and together with all data collected through the monitoring module you get an advanced and full overview of your pitch and your operation. Easy access to all turf data helps you running a science-based turf operation.

Turfpal helps you making the right decisions and priorities to get the best possible turf at the lowest cost and with a minimum environmental footprint.

If you would like a demonstration or further information, please get in touch with us.